Here are some tips to make your bathroom cool and fun


1.Please seat yourself

I wished to have a private toilet. Because many people just go in and out of the bathroom, making the bathroom dirty. Who did it? It is very tiring to catch someone who has dirty the toilet. However, this picture seems to be solved.
Paste this picture into your bathroom. It is recommended to put it where it can be seen by everyone. And stay tuned for a week or two. Your bathroom will be cleaner than before.
With this sign you can keep the toilet protected from dirt.


2.Pee like no one is listening

We are stressed by the noise of the city. But do you know that? Noise doesn't just exist outside. We sometimes want to be free from the noise of the house. Among the noises in the house, this noise is the most unpleasant.
What is the noise?
The noise is the sound of my wife or husband peeing in the bathroom.
I know. It is sometimes painful to hear.
This sign is a problem that will be solved. No need to talk to the other person. Just put this sign on your bathroom. Then it is the end.
Now you are free!


3.Have a nice poop

Among our most common greetings are have a nice day. But to be a nice day, there are some things you must follow. If you don't solve this, your day will be ruined. And the next day you will be worried, your body will be heavy and you will have a hard time.
I know. You may have to have a nice poop first to have a nice day.
But we are ashamed to say have a nice poop.
In that case just put this sign on your toilet. Then everything is over. You will be loved more by your family and friends!


4.Wash your hands ya filthy animal

What is the difference between humans and animals? There's a lot of difference, but I think. Humans wash their hands and animals have no reason to wash their hands. Why do we wash our hands? Because to keep it clean.
Why do we keep clean? Because to stay healthy. But we often see many humans who don't wash their hands.
Why do they not wash their hands? What do you think?
You do not have to think. All you have to do is put this sign on the toilet they use.
Yes. They will see it and feel it!

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