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Hello, Nice to meet you.

We are Owen and Sara, husband and wife and owners of "Modern 5th"
We are so happy and grateful that you have browsed arounds our products.

Starting off as small family business owners of "Modern 5th"

My wife Sara and I were in a situation where we had no choice but to quit our jobs in 2019, and we started a family business in New York together as husband and wife, to launch the "Modern 5th" brand.

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Talk about our first product

funny bathroom signs by modern 5th

Our first product is Funny bathroom signs.
One day my wife and I felt our bathroom very boring.
Did not want an expensive decoration, but needed a simple and inexpensive art. So my wife and I came up with the idea to make this product in October 2019.

We put a lot of energy into our first business to make this product. It looks like a very simple art, but it was a big challenge for us who are new to business.

In the future, we will strive to become a company that deals with interesting interior signs and accessories and provides the best experience for our customers.


Talk about our laundry room decor items

laundry room decor items

As Sara quit her job and stayed at home for a long time, so she naturally became interested in interior accessories. In particular, she was very interested in decorating the white-walled laundry room, which was originally the most boring room in our house. As she could not find any simple and modern laundry room decor products that she liked on the market, she thought, why not design my own and try selling it? I didn’t know at the time that this would be the beginning of our laundry room decor collection.


Talk about our Thank you cards & stickers collection

thank you cards and stickers by modern 5th

Finally, we came up with the idea of a customer thank you card and thank you for a sticker, but as we looked for these products, we couldn’t find a card with a design that we liked. So, we spent a lot of time creating thank you cards and thank you stickers with heart-warming phrases and beautiful designs. After actually using these, we have been able to convey our sincerity to our customers. Customers also enjoyed the various designs.

We are extremely delighted to be able to introduce these thank you cards and stickers for the growth of small business owners such as us.

Thank you again for supporting our family-owned and run business.

Owen, Sara

May I invite you to the Modern 5th story? ❤️

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