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For Small Business Owner Opportunity


Do you need a thank you card with a pretty and warm design for packaging products? Do you find this purchase itself to be a burden because there are only a few orders? Then please listen to my proposal.

 Hello, small business owners!

I’m Owen and I also run a small business.

For business owners trying to grow their small business even in difficult circumstances

We would like to propose a program that will help you even a little bit.

 How can we turn customers into loyal customers?

I believe that it is necessary for small businesses to have a warm marketing that conveys genuine gratitude to their customers.

When you have to package the product for a customer’s order, when you have to express gratitude to a customer

You will need a thank you sticker with a pretty and warm design and a thank you card. That is because these will impress your customers and express your sincere emotions for creating loyal customers.

We propose the Small Business Support Program to fulfill this task.

We are planning to provide our company’s thank you cards and thank you stickers with various designs to small business owners.

We would like to provide thank you stickers and thank you cards to those who participate and follow the Rules through this program.


The rules are simple!


You must own a small business.

You must own an Instagram, TikTok or YouTube account. (The number of followers does not matter😄)

👉When you are doing your packaging, you can upload a post of packaging an order using Modern 5th thank you card and thank you sticker on your social media account.


What do you think? It’s very easy, right?

If you are interested, send us a DM!🤳

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