The beginning of our couple’s online business

modern 5th brand story

The beginning of our couple’s online business

Two years ago… In September of2019, I quit my job of almost 10 years.

There are many complicated reasons behind this but I no longer wanted to sacrifice my time for the owner of the company, and above all, after working there for a long time, I began to see many points where the company’s work system needed improvements and made an effort to change them. But it was a place that disliked change and my suggestions were not readily accepted and so I made a decision to leave the company that had no growth.

And I thought I’d start an online business with my wife Sara and we talked for a long time to sort out these ideas while walking on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

Fear overshadowed the new beginning. I often thought “Could we really start this?”

If you are reading this and also thinking about starting a small business, I think this a part that you may relate to.

My wife and I made our final decision in Central Park that night and decided to start. And then we started gathering ideas to decide on a brand name and what to sell?

It’s already been two years but I still can’t forget the overwhelming emotions of that day.

In that moment, we did not expect that this decision on that day would change many aspects of our lives in the future.

And so our "Modern 5th" story began.
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