The first order confirmed at a McDonald’s!


The first order confirmed at a McDonald’s!

Everyone stores unforgettable moments from their lives in their heads like an album. For me, my memory inside of a McDonald’s on the outskirts of New York in November of 2019 is one of them.

Sara and I were hungry that day but it was a psychologically difficult time for us as cold as New York’s winter weather because no one was ordering our products online. Psychological hunger came to us in a different form of deprivation than physical hunger and unfamiliar with such pain, we tried to compensate for it with a Big Mac set from McDonald’s.

While I was checking the order page all day in the corner of the room, she said to me,

“First, let’s eat something!”

I shouted, “I need to eat something too!” in response to Sara’s words but in reality, I only had a strange, defeated feeling of being hungry but not wanting to put anything in my mouth.

When we arrived at the local McDonalds, before we got out after parking our car in the large parking lot, we checked the order page simultaneously while praying, “Please let out products be sold!” and when we confirmed that there were zero orders, Sara and I said at the same time with our disappointed faces,

“Let’s go!”

We trudged along and ordered Big Macs at McDonald’s and after waiting about five minutes, picked up the order and got into our cars again

Sara said once again with hopeful eyes.

“Should we check again if we have an order?”

I was doubtful but confirmed the order page again with the thought. “If God hasn’t abandoned me yet there must be an order!”

“Two orders have been placed!”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was finally an order on the order page and we were so happy that there were two orders, Sara and I embraced each other and started jumping up and down at the McDonald’s parking lot. We hadn’t yet eaten the Big Mac sets at that time but we were full as if we had already eaten.

And so the first order of my online small business remains an unforgettable memory at McDonald’s. If you also happen to be someone who sells products online and are reading this article, you probably cannot forget your first order either. And that is how our beautiful memories add up.
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